Komodo island


Existing world's largest GT@65kg + - 2kg

Popper describe a parabola as my image and fell to the shoal near small Island. JUBO!. It seemed to me at the time of pumping

that the nearby sea surface rose faintly at once. Also in people's voice and the sound of a wind, all disappeared. JUBO! .

 Lure reached the deep pool of a flow by the 2nd pumping. A captain calls me "the depth of water is 28m."

Mr. Nakamoto of my fishing friend says g28mh with big voice so that it may be repeated. JUBO! .

The popper moved agonizingly in big bubbles,and stopped. Then a huge shadow seemed to graze underneath.

Next moment, the popper vanished from the sea surface. Before a strong shock ran on my rod, my body was already responding.

PE No.10 started to go out from the reel of 15kg drag so easily. I tried to wind the reel hoding my arm close to my chest,

 but it wonft roll, never.Before I shouted "Follow", the captain had reacted quickly. ‚iust ‚h shout,

the boat came right above the GT which is going to turn to the side of a sinked rock.

I was able to wind the line that much. ‚mext, ‚h shouted "as it is the back", because ‚h thought GT is pulled apart

from the side of a sinked rock by a boat power.

However, GT began to swim along a sinked rock in further from there. I thought ‚h canft drag out. ‚`t the moment,

I had shouted again, "Follow." Although a boat approached GT, it has ridden on the shoal of small Island with over power.

GT rides a flow in accordance with a wall of sinked rock, and began to run. I shouted in the heart, "A line rubs! rubs!",

and made the line free. Thick PE line with lift was softly prolonged in accordance with the wall of a sinked rock.

The captain shift the gear sternway with my big voice the "back." However, a boat does not run by the wind and tide so that

 I consider. While I have laid down the rod and thumb the spool by hand, I adjusted the PE line according to a sinked rock

and the motion of a boat, and prevents rub of the line by sinked rock.

When a boat got out of a shoal, I could be seen GT came up from depth again and began to swim in the shoal under tide

 at high speed. There is sinked rock a little less than 1m in the destination. Big fish tends to run into the other side.

 I measured the timing with taking the line slag which returns a veil. It is a time of big fish just overcoming a rock.

The time of what 0.0 second was felt for me at long time.

At the moment of thinking, "It is now!", when I returned the veil of a reel, PE line prolonged gently until now began to stretch,

 and prolonged in a straight line like wire. Then, big fish rotate one time on a rock,

 caudal fin is made to jump out of the water surface, and somersault. I raised the drag further and made it about 20kg.

 And I dragged and brought near the fish and started exchanging 7m shallows and floating.

Neither tiredness nor an ache still feels my flesh. Huge GT floated on the boat occasion.

Although we tried to scoop up in the big net the captain called special order,


big fish is too large and it does not go into a net. We was backed up for the voice of someone "scoop!"

and GT was went into the net forcibly.

We had dragged big fisn to the deck of a boat by four persons. The base of a tail part remained, even if my both hands united.

And it is still larger in whether the eye of this GT is almost the same as the size of the mouth part

of special enlarged lure called the big mouse 200.

When I had big fish put on a knee, holding in weight became pain. I was sure "It is 60kg over",

And appeared in voice. "Can you measure?" "We cannot measure" "I understand I will release to priority!h

We took the photograph and released briefly. GT swam slowly and the GT as my arm with the same pectoral fin

Which exists near the 1m disappeared to the sea of KOMODO.@@@@

 Extract fromgFishing Trip in Ocean Roadh by Suzuki Fumio

FISHERMAN @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Angler Fumio Suzuki

@The SALT WORLD magazine @@10/03